Emerson Kinsel - Acoma Pottery Motif Concho Belt.

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This is a motif you almost never see in jewelry, Acoma Pottery conchos. The silver work is superb and the turquoise cabs are a great shade of blue green. Each concho measures about 2 by 2. The black leather is about 44 in. long and has not yet been punched so it is still adjustable to most any size. The conchos are attached with double copper bands and can easily be slid along the leather to suit the wearer. You can trim the current belt or put the conchos on a longer one if desired. Stamped Sterling and Emerson Kinsell. He is a member of the Navajo tribe, located in the 4 Corners area. This is a stunning work of art.

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  • Artist: Emerson Kinsel